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PonyKissesWith you, CAN-TR CAN!

Riders' contributions for their sessions cover only a small part of the expenses required to keep CAN-TR running. We depend primarily on support from individuals like you, supplemented by grants from private foundations, to keep our mission alive.

Your support provides:

  • Scholarships to riders, making hippotherapy and therapeutic riding accessible to all those who need it,
  • Food and veterinary care for the ponies, our hardworking therapy specialists
  • Upkeep for the grounds

Thanks to generous friends like you, children like Sophie, Ella, James, Edgar and Lilly are able to increase mobility, grow in independence, and make new friends. Their lives are complicated by the mental and physical challenges that accompany them every single day, but thanks to friends like you, these challenges don't define their lives. By supporting CAN-TR, you make it possible for children like Lars or Christopher to have a sense of normalcy, to run and play like other children. On horseback, they are just like anyone else. And they grow stronger with each session.

CAN-TR seeks to maximize every dollar given to our mission. That's why more than $0.85 of every dollar donated goes directly to our programs.


THANK YOU for telling riders like Christian, Jaceonna or Alexa that yes, They CAN with CAN-TR.